A Random Act of Kindness

bathroom products courtesy of Spotlight Mildura

Loving my special new Teddy <3 < h1>

Our bathroom before modifications

Still before :))

although not very glamorous the before of our toilet!

The entrance of our existing toilet and bathroom

And just like that! Nick Anderson, Rocky and their amazing team started our bathroom project :))

We received this photo whilst in Melbourne the very same day that work began! :)) Unbelievable!!

Willow and cousin Milla wondering where the bathroom has gone!

Look cousin Harmony :))

Our sliding door removed to accommodate Pipers paediatric stroller through the door ways of our hallway :)

Excited little Willow sending a progress photo to mum and Piper in Melbourne :)

Taa daa!! two weeks later and we return to this!!!! Did I say Unbelievable :)

Managing to keep our bath for Willow to enjoy! we were so pleased :)

The Piece de resistance! and most wonderful space in our home, able to shower Miss Pipey with minimal strain and an amazing area accommodating her chair So very excited!!!

Our amazing open hallway!

A cheeky Willow enjoying the new shower. Mummy just had to say how impressed she is by the choice of shower curtain! :))

Our first Shower!!!

We simply can not believe how fortunate we are with thanks to John Burfitt's operation CHAILIS (Children having an illness living in Sunraysia) deciding to place the call out for a Random Act of Kindness in order to assist our family with bathroom modifications to meet Pipers needs. 

Our lovely neighbours Nick & Angela Rodi brought our situation to Nick Anderson's attention 
Nick promptly answered the call offering to bring in a team and get the job done! A visit to our home and the words I'll see you Monday morning' left us speechless! 
This man giving more to our family than he can ever imagine.

What Nick Anderson Tiling and his team managed to achieve in such a short amount of time is just amazing! To have businesses donate their time, equipment, expertise and services is completely overwhelming, we are so incredibly thankful, so incredibly humbled by such generosity.

Piper has just returned from Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital a new feeding tube inserted through the stomach, Piper also meeting with her Neurologist and Neuroscience research professor.

Returning to see walls removed tiles laid and a wonderful open space for Piper is incredible! 
The time given and hours spent at our home so greatly appreciated. 
We have received such incredible support through the kind hearts of others, through this extraordinary kindness funds raised for our little girl are now able to go straight towards treatment, trials, testing and research! This bringing hope for the quality of life Piper so deserves.

To Simply say Thank you will never be enough! to the community of Sunraysia, to the amazing Mr John Burfitt's (CHAILIS), 
Mr Nick Anderson and his team of Nick Anderson Tiling, Chris McKee Plumbing, SPG Plastering, Plumbtec Mildura, Richard Sweet Building, Paul Mahoney Painting, Coates Hire, Platinum Electrical, Mildura Glass & Aluminium, Beaumont Tiles, Mallee Timber & Hardware, Fashion Window Blinds, Spotlight, KPR Dennis Kelly, Bug Zap, Good Deal Tyres, Danco Earth Moving, GBM Consultants, Mildura City Soccer Club, Southern Cross Accountants, BHC Plumbing, Rod Markwell, Kitchen Creations, Todd Garraway,PMG Electrics, Tankard Dental, Benetook Auto & Elders Insurance,  
all of who were able to assist Nick, offer their services or a kind donations towards this amazing gesture. 
Our family will be forever grateful 

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11.11 | 06:44

hi, my name is Lexi Crutchfield i go to school with Willow, i wish you all the best and i hope piper can become the best she can be.

22.05 | 11:21

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07.02 | 08:55

Oh Summer, you are doing an amazing job with Pipes & all of your family. Keep at it. The same goes for you too Piper. Loads of love from over here. Rikki. Xxx

06.02 | 04:38

Piper is one tough little cookie, I have no doubt at all that she’ll continue to grow and surprise us all. Love you Princess 👑 Piper. 💜