Piper's first Angel Flight

Thanks Grae x

Getting ready to board the Cessna 172P :)

yep! Just wake me when we get there ;)

And we're off....

Still snoozing..

Goodbye Mildura! Back soon :)

Nice try Daddy... you haven't nearly enough hours :))

Flying outfit! ;))

Still unsure just why Poppa calls me little fat cheeks?

Surely nothing will happen if I just......

What's wrong? do you think Nathan will need this?..

Victor Charlie Charlie, this is Piper Pain Preparing for landing...

Thank you Nathan <3< h1>

And thanks to our Earth Angel Keith <3< h1>

We made it! now ready for bed!

It's going to be a busy day!

A visit to captain starlight always makes me smile :)

Off to the airport once again with thanks to our Earth Angel Richard <3< h1>

hmmm it's a little noisy Mum :))

Almost home! :)

Dad still loving the front seat :)

Thank you Oleg, another little Cessna and another great flight :)

This trip saw our first angel flight, a truly amazing service relying on volunteer pilots and earth angels, who  use their private vehicles to transport those living quite a distance from medical specialists to and from medical appointments. 
We met such a diverse range of people,  although all with one common interest.. to offer a helping hand and make the transition from home to hospital as stress free as possible. 
Thank you to those who joined our mission, and those who prearranged this service <3 if only the world could be full of people like you x :)

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11.11 | 06:44

hi, my name is Lexi Crutchfield i go to school with Willow, i wish you all the best and i hope piper can become the best she can be.

22.05 | 11:21

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07.02 | 08:55

Oh Summer, you are doing an amazing job with Pipes & all of your family. Keep at it. The same goes for you too Piper. Loads of love from over here. Rikki. Xxx

06.02 | 04:38

Piper is one tough little cookie, I have no doubt at all that she’ll continue to grow and surprise us all. Love you Princess 👑 Piper. 💜