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Curiouser and curiouser... :(

Unless its a hospital appointment we seldom have the chance to do anything as a family and after promising to take Willow to a performance of Alice in Wonderland at our local Arts Centre she was most disappointed when her baby sister began seizing that day. I explained to Willow I would remain home with Piper to rest  and daddy would take her to see Alice. Willow was quick to inform me she would take care of Piper, as she wanted to be with her whole family, after another seizure Piper received medication and became alert and happy, so once again Piper and I threw on our Sunday best for a night of song and smiles, Willow was most excited and we were all looking forward to seeing how Piper would respond to the singing and music.

On entering the venue we were informed that prams were not permitted, my husband explained to the ushers our daughter is unable to sit or walk and therefore reliant on her pram as an aid, graciously we were escorted to a designated wheel chair space unfortunately the seats beside were already obtained and as leaving our daughter alone in this space was not an option and disrupting a full isle of people who were already seated didn't seem fair we offered to sit with Piper at the isles end. A lovely usher helped my husband carry piper down the stairs and  we were now seated, after a short while we were asked to move to the other side of the venue, where they had found more room for Pipers pram, and a seat which would not obstruct our view, we had mentioned we were fine however quickly realised this must have been due to protocol as we were seated near a  an exit ramp. I was beginning to wish we'd stayed at home, poor Piper was already in her third position for the evening and once finally seated a man in the row behind us began to ask the usher why there was a pram in the row, to which she explained, it was a wheel chair... So he came back with ..That's a wheel chair? Once again the usher explained the little girl can not walk, this is basically her wheel chair, to which he repeated that's basically a wheelchair!  that!..
Meaning our pram! He was so rude and I was furious, embarrassed that this poor lady had to explain her doings in order to assist us. 
I turned around and all I could do was look at this man in disbelief... As what did it matter? his view was not obstructed, and what did it have to do with him anyway? He continued to snigger and the usher actually had to say.. the little one is disabled - this is her wheel chair. I just wanted to cry, I just wanted to grab Piper and leave, I thought my only  concern would be for Piper to have a seizure in front of all at the venue, and like my husband said what does it matter, this is our life and this is our day, why should piper miss out on things that make her smile,  the activity the noise the colour. 
I just can not believe that people can be so intrusive, so cold, my goodness if we had the luxury of sitting anywhere we would, if piper could sit in a chair she would! 
Sorry rant over! :) better now ;) <3
And for the record the performance was wonderful, we have incredible young talent in this town if you have the chance to go, do :) Alice's vocals  are just beautiful <3 

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mel woods | Reply 16.02.2013 12:29

Absolutely disgraceful. I hope one day when he is elderly and struggles to walk someone parks in all the disabled parking at the supermarket!!! xoxox

Skye Sparkes | Reply 16.02.2013 12:10

Summer, you have a couple of years of frustration under your belt, you should have sent every bit of it his way. What a dick😁

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11.11 | 07:44

hi, my name is Lexi Crutchfield i go to school with Willow, i wish you all the best and i hope piper can become the best she can be.

22.05 | 13:21

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07.02 | 09:55

Oh Summer, you are doing an amazing job with Pipes & all of your family. Keep at it. The same goes for you too Piper. Loads of love from over here. Rikki. Xxx

06.02 | 05:38

Piper is one tough little cookie, I have no doubt at all that she’ll continue to grow and surprise us all. Love you Princess πŸ‘‘ Piper. πŸ’œ

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