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Little Willow So excited to spend a morning in Milla's big grade one class!
Some of willows little class mates had their younger siblings at school this week enjoying prep orientation, our days discussion took an unexpected turn...
My friends little sisters kept hugging me today, they were so cute! "Continued on to... It's not fair! I want to take my sister for show and tell! the other kids get to have their sisters at school! they get to have the good bits! Their little sisters run around with them and their little sisters hug them, and be cheeky! I hate my sisters silly seizures! I'll look after piper when she's a preppy at my school Mum.
Reminding Willow that Piper will attend a different school will wait another day, today's tiny pleasures can in turn bring moments of grief even to those too young to understand it's happening.
There will be days of grieving for our little girl and although some days are difficult we try to avoid the reasons why and focus on the wonder that is, I'm not sure I still understand or quite know how to handle these feelings of overwhelming grief, I then wonder how we can possibly expect this from our six year old.

Could it be Willow is noticing what is lost, piper is not a baby anymore, piper is a little girl who sits crooked in a stroller.
Instead of playing with willows baby sister, willows friends now wonder why she does not play.
Is she going to get up out of her chair? Is she going to speak? Why do her hands hang by her side? why does she choke? Why does willow keep propping up her head? Why does it keep flopping forward?
What's wrong with her?
If only we knew!
Tales of my sister was fitted for a wheelchair today stand against tales of training wheels removed, although the story is told with just as much enthusiasm and excitement it still continues to break our hearts a little.
there are days we wish for a miracle and when we allow ourselves to think about it we continue to witness a little miracle every day.

In many ways our little Willow has had to grow quickly, learn fast and appreciate life for all it's blessings, in many ways Willows little sister has developed her into a more special, unique and beautiful person, perhaps right now it's all quite difficult to understand and appreciate, when to play and talk with her little sister is all Willow has ever hoped for.
What piper has given her big sister is patience, compassion, acceptance, understanding and a love like no other.
Our little girls bring so much joy to each other and to our hearts! we are so incredibly proud and thankful,
we all feel grief at times for what is lost but what is gained is a happy little girl who has taught us the value of love and life at its purist.
One day precious girl you will grow to understand what a gift this is. What a treasure you are and what an exceptional relationship you share with your sister. x

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Kelly Anthony | Reply 08.08.2014 16:01

Beautiful words. What an amazing little girl Willow is. A true reflection of her parents.

Annette | Reply 08.08.2014 14:33

Willow is so very special, and one day she will fully understand how much she means to all of you, especially Piper. She is indeed an angel. xxx

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11.11 | 07:44

hi, my name is Lexi Crutchfield i go to school with Willow, i wish you all the best and i hope piper can become the best she can be.

22.05 | 13:21

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07.02 | 09:55

Oh Summer, you are doing an amazing job with Pipes & all of your family. Keep at it. The same goes for you too Piper. Loads of love from over here. Rikki. Xxx

06.02 | 05:38

Piper is one tough little cookie, I have no doubt at all that she’ll continue to grow and surprise us all. Love you Princess πŸ‘‘ Piper. πŸ’œ

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